Friday, March 19, 2010

If you're happy and you know it flap your hands :)

We are finally on the mend in the house after a few weeks of coughs and colds which turned into bronchiolitis which meant antibiotics and the new challenge of Munchkin accepting a Ventolin paediatric mask. We got through it and this week, once she wasn't at risk of coughing up a lung she went back to school.

She was so delighted to be back at her school that the only words that could describe her was she was "happy flappy" as she was like a little bird waiting to take off with excitement. She's always flapped but not so much when she's concentrating on a task. I've noticed her doing it a lot more lately, usually the left hand flapping from the wrist when she's happy or excited about something, and both if she's REALLY happy. Its a little like the movie Happy Feet but with Munchkin its happy hands!

We had plenty of the double handed flapping at a recent visit to the cinema. I had prepared well and purchased the tickets a day in advance to reduce queueing but decided on the day to see how obliging our local Cineplex would be on producing the IAA card. There wasn't very many people there so I approached a manager behind the counter and politely asked would it be possible for Munchkin and I to sit at the back in the posh seats so that Munchkin wouldn't annoy the people sitting around us during the movie by kicking the seats, jumping up and down etc... I was told I could sit there but would have to pay the €20 per seat charge. It was at this point I flashed her IAA card FBI style at her and said that's a shame, the cinemas in DUBLIN acknowledge this card... I don't think she'd ever seen one before but before we knew it, we had been escorted to the VIP area personally by an usher! I have to say it was such a wonderful experience because of this. Munchkin was able to jump up and down, stretch, lie down and even watched part of the movie upside down as decided to lie on the seat with her legs on the back and her head hanging off the edge. But we made it through the entire movie and she ate her body weight in popcorn! She hasn't talked about going to the cinema but I know it must have been eventful for her as over two weeks later in the back of the car she starts singing "Let's all go to the lobby.. let's all go to the lobby" (funny how the advertising spiel before the movie can make such a lasting impression!)


Jean said...

brill! I'm looking forward to hitting the cinema with Bob..think it's a while off yet tho xxx

Lisamaree said...

oh my god. - no darlin, it's the brass neck that gets me the upgrade. And you can't get that for 10 bucks!! xx

Petunia said...

Lol Hammie. I'm just amazed they try to charge that amount for the seats when the cinema is half empty. We were the only ones up the back! I was so nervous taking out the card as haven't used it at all since we got it, so it was brass neck and jelly legs lol. You don't ask, you don't get in this life eh? xx

Jen said...

Love the happy flappy image, we have that here too and I call it 'happy tantrums'. I love it because I love seeing the excitement and happiness, nothing makes me happier:) Great news about using the card. I hope it is the first of many visits for you and glad to hear Munchkin is well now:) Jen.

Anonymous said...

Great event to share on your blog. I don't think they have those POSH seats down in Clare though.:(
It's true about the brass Balls, must order myself a set of them! Ruth xx

jazzygal said...

Good for you Petunia! Before you know it you'll be flashing that card every chance you get! And you'll have prepared the way for others coming behind you as All local proprietors will become more aware of it ;-)

Sounds like a fabulous trip to the cinema and all it took for Munchkin's (and all other patron's) comfort was spacious seating. It's not much to ask for, is it??

WiiBoy had that ventolin mask when he was younger and he did get used to it. He moved on to the ordinary inhalers...hard to get them used to that too! Thankfully he no longer needs them.

Glad you're all feeling better! xx Jazzy

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Must get card, must get card... This sounds great, as my boy can be a bit disruptive at the cinema, never related it to aspergers before tho'! So glad that Munchkin had a good time and is feeling better too xx

Unknown said...

thats great that she done it or you in the end, 20 euro for a seat, who in their right mind pays that lol

glad she enjoyed it , luca is also a hand flapper, i love when hee does it as means hes happy xx

Jen said...

Love the new template:D Have tagged you for an award over at mine:)


Patsyperdu said...

Hi Petunia, we were at the cinema the other day, inspired by your visit. It went great, nice to have another adventure to add to our list. Must be so brilliant to hear Munchkin singing the adverts!!

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