Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happiness is.....

The lovely Jen from The King & I has tagged me on her blog for a Happiness Award which I get if I tell you all ten things that make me happy everyday. Before you laugh, its harder than you think! I seem to have spent so much time moaning lately its great to have the chance to reflect on the things that make me happy...

1. The Elder Lemon... My firstborn and only son. He gets up every morning without me having to call him and gets ready for school. When I appear in the kitchen, he always greets me with a smile and a hug.

2. Yani... My middle child and eldest daughter. She has a smile that can light up a room and everyday I look at her and am astonished how I managed to end up with such a stunning daughter. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also smart (even if she doesn't believe that, I know she can do anything if she applies herself).

3. Munchkin... the baby in the family but the one who we all revolve around. She has the most amazing smile and eyes you can drown in!

4. Knowing I'm doing everything possible for my kids to reach their full potential and seeing them strive to get where they want to be. Imagining The Elder Lemon walking through the arch at Trinity in September with his future lying ahead of him. There was a time I thought I'd have failed him and he might not get there so imagining this scene makes me smile.

5. Listening to Munchkins little voice, regardless of the time of day or night. I don't think I could ever tire of hearing her talk. Her laugh is infectious and sense of humour developing daily and this is one of the things that makes me happiest.

6. My Facebook family. Without whom I'd no doubt be in a padded cell by now! You all make me laugh every day and keep me sane :) You "get" me!

7. My home. Well it is my castle...

8. The smell of freshly cut grass (especially when its mine and I know it doesn't need doing again for another week lol).

9. Tea! I could give Jeanie from Planet Outreach-ASD a run for her crown with the amount of cups I drink every day :) It has to be sipped (well guzzled!) from my favourite mug which is a hideous floral pattern but it just tastes nicer from a bone china mug!

10. Last but not least, hugs and kisses I don't have to ask for. There was a time where Munchkin had to be bribed and coerced to give a non committal hug and kisses were out of the question as she was unable to purse her lips and has oral sensory problems. I get an unsolicited kiss every morning from her and then she'll rest her hand on my face for a while. I love that moment and it makes my heart swell and almost burst every time she does it!

There, I did it! I now have to tag some others to follow suit and even though I'd like to tag everyone, will keep it to a few.

Hammie @ Hammiesblog
Jazzy @ Jazzygal
Claire @ AJ - My Superhero
Andra @ The Perfect Storm
Patsyperdu @ The Odd Adventures of Dr. Destructo
Mandie @ The Fabulous Mr Luca
Lisa @ Autimom & The Butterfly


Jen said...

Laughed at no 5. I know I shouldn't love HRHs fits of giggles at 3.30am, but I can't help it, its just fab :D Lovely list, delighted for Elder Lemon, you must be thrilled, well done both of you:) This list is great fun isn't it? Jen.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Mmm, freshly cut grass in the sunshine is lovely :) Great ten!

Autimom said...

loved number 10, i loves those kisses and would wait an eternity for those types of hugs and kisses because they are well worth the wait
well done mammy, you must be bursting with pride watchin your 3 grow xx

Jean said...

Great list petunia...really made me smile! Thank God for our kids....and tea xxx

Petunia said...

Thanks girls, I forgot to add you in too Lisa but will edit post to tag you :)

My list very nearly started with
Washing Machine
Running water....

hehehe xx

Lisamaree said...

Always a great idea to count your blessings! I'm with you on the bone china mug. Still looking for a good one. As for voices in the night? I'M OVER IT!! xx

jazzygal said...

Ah, a lovely Happy Ten Petunia! It's so nice to do this, look at your kids and realise how far you've all come. I'm with you and Jeannie on the Tea drinking too!

Thank you so much for the Tag! I look forward to doing it. xx Jazzy

Clive said...

A great 10! Enjoyed reading them very much!

Love the smell of freshly cut grass too!

Irish Mammy said...

Fantastic 10 I need to get cracking on mine!! I also love that cartoon!

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