Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Munchkin turns one!

R and I separated just before Munchkins first birthday and he was staying with friends til he sorted out accommodation so things were a little strained to say the least. I got a cake and we gave presents to her when R came down to see her that day. I recall thinking it odd that Munchkin didn't dive into her chocolate cake with gusto the way the older two had at that age but rather picked cautiously at it... It niggled in my brain for a nanosecond then was pushed back to the dark recesses of my mind to be considered at a later date when I felt ready. The recesses were at this stage crammed with all the points and signs I had noticed but felt ill equiped to deal with at that time. Was far easier to grab a spade, dig a hole in the sand then stick my head in it for a time. At this age she was already showing red flags for autism, for example, she couldn't say Mama or Dada or any name for that matter yet could count to ten!, she had no functional form of communication per se as would not point at any item she may have wanted... she had no way of letting us know her needs and wants. She didn't put her arms up to be lifted and resisted being held chest to chest. She flapped a little and liked to stack blocks. At this stage, crying and tantruming was her most effective form of communication as quite often her grandparents would intervene and give their well meant advice which quite often ends up making the situation worse... I knew that the stuff I had mentally logged was going to have to be acknowledged sooner rather than later!


Jean said...

holy moly, it all sounds soooo familiar XXX

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