Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 mins, €55 euro and a prescription later...

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I made an appointment to see my GP as soon as I was able to and waited anxiously to see her. After an hour of fidgeting in the waiting room, it was my turn to have 5 minutes of her time for €55 euro. I sat in the chair and let Munchkin loose while I talked to the GP. I explained my fears to her and was astonished how she fobbed me off with the "she's still young... wait and see.... she looks ok to me..." lines. She had letters after her name so obviously the 5 mins she saw the Munchkin made her far more qualified to fob me off... However, I have letters after my name too.... M.O.M. and insisted she refer us back to the paediatrician who had seen us while in the hospital after Munchkins seizures. She agreed and then wrote me a script for antidepressants and valium. I left the surgery feeling as if I had been told I had Munchausens! To this day, any time we have been in her surgery, she still tries to "test" Munchkin by calling her name or asking her something. Of course, my little angel never answers her questions.

What makes me smile looking back is that as I was so unable to function normally at that time, while I was talking the Munchkin absolutely trashed the place and scattered every leaflet and booklet off the shelves. Normally I would stop her...
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Lisa said...

That is not the first time I have heard this! There was a case in the U.K. where the mother was prosecuted, before someone finally caught on!!!!

This is what is so important about our awareness campaign in The GPs office. So the parent, who already feels guilty enough for even admitting that their bundle of joy might be misfiring on one or two cylinders, doesn't get the heave ho from a Know-it-Feck-all.

The Best G.Ps are the ones who say - I don't know, lets find someone who does. or, You know best, you're the parent. Lets get you some help.

Strong woman you are Petunia. Strong Woman!

Jean said...

you must have a spine of steel to have kept you together when your nerves were in tatters.
what a lady xxx

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