Friday, June 19, 2009

Christmas 2007

Cover of "Adventures of Elmo in Grouchlan...Cover of Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Six weeks after the Munchkin had been in hospital, we went to my parents for Christmas as usual. Every year, we would descend upon my family home to devour my mothers delicious roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We would have a house full with my sisters, brother, aunt, uncle and neice there along with me and my brood.

I hadn't really noticed Munchkin regressing as had been preoccupied with life, teenagers, and had put everything down to her being ill. I had checked off the boxes in my head of the things she had acquired and then filed them under "completed" in my mental filing cabinet. I didn't notice that she was no longer doing things that she had done previously...

My biggest memory of that Christmas was that Munchkin was very disinterested in the hustle and bustle around her and was quite upset. All she wanted to do was to sit in her booster seat watching Elmo in Grouchland over and over.... If people started talking in the room, she would put her hands over her ears to block them out and concentrate on Elmo, Huxley and the rest of the characters... I heard and saw this movie so much I know every word of the script! We all sat eating dinner, laughing and chatting and she sat glued to that little red monster oblivious of everything going on around her!

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Jean said...

it's incredible how easy it is not to "see" what's right in front of us. It's hard to know if thats because it's too painful to face, or because the regression happens so insidiously that it seems normal.
we must all have been here petunia xxx

Joeys mum said...

Iv been reading everything(lots of times in fact), and im feeling very emotional as it takes me right back to my eldest being diagnosed too...very very well written...tears in my eyes xxx

Petunia said...

The regression was gradual so it was harder to notice her slipping away as such. She used to say her brother and sisters names a certain way before the seizures and lost them along with mumumum for me. When she started talking again, she never said their names the way she used to and learned a different way to say them.

Hope you are ok Joeys mum xx

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