Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The first seeds of fear....

It was now July 2006 and was a hot and humid summer. Pregnancy had gone well so far apart from a bleed early on and everything was going to plan. We had found out we were having a little girl and my husband and two children from my first marriage were all looking forward to meeting the Munchkin in September! My inlaws lived in the UK so we travelled over when I was 32 weeks pregnant to see them.

***** section removed by request *******

(Certain events that happened while we were there made me start to question if my husband was on the spectrum)

I took refuge in the bedroom and cried cradling my bump and praying I was wrong. I was suddenly scared for my unborn baby too. All of a sudden, all my husbands quirks and ways screamed aspergers at me. We had joked in the past that he was on the spectrum but now it didn't seem so funny anymore...


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